We’re Back!

Hi, new and returning visitors! Welcome to Lilacs and Linens.

I’m your host, Kristin.I’m just moving back to WordPress after a stint at Blogger – you can check out my “about” page for more information on what this blog is and why you should subscribe and why, on my “first” post, we’re just going to jump right in.

When I was a teenager and the family house was going on the market for a cross-country move, we did what they call “staging.” We fixed and repaired, painted, and decluttered. I spent hours pulling clover out of the garden beds and we sold the house in record time. I remember my dad saying, “I wish I’d done all that work for myself.” It’s a lament I’ve shared every time I’ve moved since. Why is it that we don’t make our houses nice for our own families?

Three years ago we were considering our own cross-country move. I went through the house and the yard with a notepad and a pen. Patch and paint. Change the light fixture in the hall. Clean out the storage closet. Eight type-written pages later, we had our master to-do list. Then we decided to stay put. Three years later, we’ve partially completed two or three things on that lengthy to-do list. Why? Why would we fix it up for someone else to live in, but not for ourselves? Are we less important?

What you’ll find in this blog are the things I’m doing to make my house a home from curb appeal to clean and organized pantries without putting up a For Sale sign. Let’s make this a discussion. Share your own tips and ask lots of questions.

Until next time



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