Fernando and the Front Porch

The following is a post from Blogger from two years ago. Enjoy.

Since I was seventeen, I’ve had an obsession with ceramic donkeys. I love them and I squeal like a little girl when someone has them in their yard. Two Four years ago, my husband came home with a little, yellow, ceramic donkey and named him Fernando. We all love Fernando

Prior to Fernando’s appearance, I had just painted all my pots green to fill with bright yellow flowers but Fernando messed that color scheme up a little. And so did my super shady porch because the only flowers that grow there don’t come in yellow (Impatiens). So I decided to make them match the donkey.

I started out with random pots, mostly handed down by my sweet neighbor when she moved (If you’re reading this, I’m sorry I killed your houseplants. My house is so dark! And my cats like to eat palms.). Anyway, I spray painted them with this bright yellow paint that bonds with plastic. It will say on the can if it does. Because of the unusual amount of rain we’ve had this year, it took a month to finish them all. This is the greenest my desert lawn will ever be.

Then I took craft paint and a wet brush and painted over the dry yellow paint with this burnt umber color.

When it was almost dry, I wiped as much off as possible with a paper towel. This didn’t take long. Craft paint dries fast. They need to be sealed with a clear coat because craft paint washes right off.

When all the paint dried, I filled them with dirt and flowers. These are big pots and I always forget how much dirt (9 cubic feet) it takes to fill them. I love the bright yellow on the porch. Fernando does too.

How’s that for curb appeal? When we bought our house the interior was painted yellow. In retrospect, that yellow paint is why we bought the house. It was so bright and inviting. Yellow paint with kids and dogs doesn’t hold up well, however, and trying to match it  for touch ups never quite worked out. But I wanted to have the same warm and inviting feeling on a much smaller scale. I feel like yellow does that better than other colors. So besides matching the donkey, that’s why I chose screaming yellow for these pots. Currently, they’re filled with sweet peas and I really love the effect of the huge, trailing vines. I’ve also moved the pots from the right of the door away from the rail to better serve our friends and family who need the rail for their safety.


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