What I Learned From Staying in Someone Else’s House

We’re Back from our trip to Oregon and glad to be back in my own bed with my own shower. We had a wonderful time.

We stayed at this beach condo. It was an amazing location with great views.
It was a little too opulent for this country girl and I felt like I had to clean all the time because it was so shmancy, but this place had a washer and dryer. For a family of seven on a week-long vacation, laundry facilities are better than marble counter-tops and money trees.

I know a lot of big families are able to do a load a day and keep everyone in clean clothes. Not this family. Moment of truth: This is what my hall looks like pretty much every day. And just when I get “caught up” and really feel like I have conquered the laundry routine, someone cleans out under the bed or Sweetie comes home from a week long business trip. Or vomit happens.

And I do three loads a day – not your average loads either. My washer holds a king size comforter with ease. Makes me think these mega families are lying about how much laundry they do. Seriously. I’ve tried everything under the sun to get it under control with no improvement.

Anyway, at this beach house, I washed four days of clothes for seven people, four sets of sheets, and around sixteen towels in what I would consider a tiny machine and there was only a pile by the machine for about an hour on the last day when I did sheets and towels! So what was the difference? Well for starters, I didn’t have to pretreat or rewash anything. Everything came out clean and fresh the first time. I guess detergent does matter. [Update: detergent doesn’t matter as much as the machine. HE machines aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.]  Then, when someone removed an article of clothing, it went straight into the washing machine and as soon as it was full I pressed “start”…no hamper…no smelly pile in the bathroom or under the bed…in the wash. No sorting. No giant piles. Just clean clothes.

We’ve been home for two days. I am caught up with not only the washing but the ironing too with nary a pile on the floor.

Laundry. Conquered.

This was originally posted on blogger June 15, 2015. I need to reread this myself every week. Laundry stayed conquered for several months. Then one day a new, red uniform shirt and a new pair of blue jeans went in with my daughter’s brand new Pokemon sweat shirt and my husband’s tan work pants. Everything looked very patriotic afterward. And now I’m perpetually behind on laundry. Again.

I’d forgotten how easy laundry was before “the incident.” With everyone home and changing clothes whenever they get wet, or muddy, or sweaty… laundry is stressing me out again. It was time to revisit this post.


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