Neighborhood Tree Trimming Day

Here it is, not quite Autumn, and the leaves are starting to fall from the trees. Early this spring I spent a great deal of  time researching trees. Thank you, Youtube. I’m planting an espalier orchard and needed to know how to prune my trees to create a Belgian fence. Espalier is where you train bushes or trees to grow flat. In limited space, like in the city or suburbs, it’s a great way to grow fruit trees.

In my research, I also learned how to prune our other trees – apparently, I’ve been doing it wrong all this time. So I stepped outside, saw and pruner in hand, to find my neighbors already doing the same. Our kids ended up dragging all the big branches from both yards into my yard to build a fort…which took hours to cut up into compost and fire wood after they were done. I lost five pounds from all the work even though I ate half a pizza by myself, no joke. But they had fun being real kids.

My point – and yes, I have one: Here are some helpful links for pruning and shaping trees.

How to Espalier Apple Trees Mother Earth News

Pruning Playlist Youtube

How to Prune a Tree – Youtube, Back to Eden Garden *Disclaimer: Religious overtones.

How to Prune Fruit Trees – Youtube, MI Gardner

And just for fun: If you haven’t seen this floating around on Facebook, you should watch. It’s mesmerizing.



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