My Chairs…

My basement is overflowing with vintage trash and thrift store finds. One of my hobbies is refinishing furniture. I intended to sell most of these things – make my projects self-supporting and easier to justify – but gradually, they’re finding their way into my home as permanent features.

I found a pair of these chairs on the side of the road on my way home from the after-school run with a hand written sign that said, “free.” Well, of course they had to come home with me! They were heavy and dirty and rusting in spots and splattered with paint and oil. I imagined that once upon a time they sat outside the school office across the street. Now they were somebody’s trash.

They sat at my house “for later” for longer than I want to admit, but my house is full and some things just have to go. I took off the cushions and rubbed them down with leather cleaner, primed them and painted and sealed the metal, then I put them back together – shiny and they can be treasure once again.

PS For any locals: If you like these chairs, the original sale fell through they’re available on KSL classifieds.


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