Back in the Backyard

The husband got ambitious over  the weekend. He cleaned out the shed, removed what was once a partially-complete, really-wobbly pergola, rearranged everything out back, put up his Halloween decorations, went to the dump, and brought me manure.

We live in a suburb surrounded by farm country. Ask me about that sometime. One of our farm neighbors said I could pick up as much manure as I wanted any time I wanted. I’ve been waiting for the husband to be on-board. So while he was toiling away at the backyard, I convinced him to make a manure run and he complied. Now I have a real start on my back yard! It’s going to need the winter to break down before I can plant anything in it, but isn’t it gorgeous? Now I have to decide which garden bed is the most important so I can spread it out in the right spot. Thank you my lovely neighbors!wishing-well

Another bonus? I was headed home from the Sev when I saw another neighbor loading stuff on the curb with “Free” signs. I need a bumper sticker that says, “I break for junk” as it is, so I slowed down as I passed. And lo and behold, they put out this well. I’m not a big fan of yard ornaments – except creepy gnomes and ceramic donkeys, of course – but every time we drive by a house with a wishing well, the husband compliments the yard. Naturally this well, which is hardly junk (it just needs a good cleaning) magically made its way into my trunk. The husband has adopted it as his project. I’m rubbing off on him. I think it should be a bird bath.

So in one day I’ve gone from completely overwhelmed and frustrated with the yard to “I got this.” It’s a good feeling.


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