Shared Kid’s Room Walkthrough

First video blog. Woot. Enjoy my amateur video-with-my-phone skills.

Things I want to add:

  1. Never underestimate the value of a can of white paint.
  2. In a small space, less is more. If you need inspiration on decluttering, do a search on capsule wardrobes for kids or check out this post.
  3. Scale is king. Big furniture will overwhelm a small room.
  4. I failed to mention this but our clothes hangers are color-coded and in all shared rooms, big sis gets the right side and little sis gets the left side of all the clothing storage areas.
  5. The key to sharing rooms is that they get space away from each other when they need it. Their bed is their safe-zone where they can be left alone, play alone, make a mess alone. Or not. It’s their space and their choice. Their drawers are also their own. While they have adequate toy storage, they are allowed to keep some other things “safe” in their dresser drawers too. Right now the little two are learning to cross stitch and their sewing kits are in their drawers and that’s ok. Not everything should have to be shared.

Cost break down

  • Paint: $7 for chalk paint – The yellow paint was left in the garage by the previous owners.
  • Furniture: $480 – Bunk beds from a scratch and dent furniture warehouse – $200, 2 mattresses and ¬†2 bunkie boards – $230 from Big Lots, Toy box from the thrift store – $20, Dresser from craigslist – $30, Small shelf from the thrift store – $1
  • Textiles – $70 Bed in a bag from Target and Khols – $30 each, curtains and rod – $10 from Big Lots

Total: $557

As you can see, the majority of the cost went into their beds. That could be brought down by finding used bunk beds and by buying their bedding when it’s on sale or clearance, usually in January and August. Overall, though, I feel like we did a great job – better than most design shows for sure – and all the furniture in their room is solid wood and well made so it will last a long, long time.


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