Frugal Living

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To sum up – being frugal isn’t about depriving yourself or your loved ones. It’s about setting priorities, thinking creatively, living within your paycheck, and finding freedom.

Start Here

  1.  Frugal is Knowing the Difference
  2. Frugal is Putting Needs First
  3. Frugal is Conserving Energy
  4. Frugal is Quality Textiles
  5. Frugal is Feeding Your Family
  6. Frugal is Next to Cleanliness
  7. (coming soon)

Other Frugal Posts

Outside Links and Resources

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One Dress, One Year

Energy Calculator

Groceries and Such

USDA Food Plan

Food Stamp Challenge

Budget Organic Challenge

Family Feasts for $75 a Week

“The Grocery Guru”

Utah Deal Diva

Thrifty Puppy.

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